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Eye Check-Up Camp (Free) in Association with UDAAN at Sovabazar, Kolkata by Rotary Techno Netralaya

Updated: Aug 9, 2023


The ability to see is one of our most precious senses, yet millions of people around the world suffer from preventable blindness due to lack of access to proper eye care. Understanding the importance of vision and the need to create awareness, Rotary Techno Netralaya, in association with UDAAN, organised a remarkable event—a Free Eye Check-Up Camp at Sovabazar, Kolkata.

This initiative aimed to provide comprehensive eye examinations and promote eye health among the underprivileged population. Let's delve into the details of this noble endeavour and the positive impact it had on the community.

Addressing the Need for Eye Care:

In many parts of the world, especially in developing countries like India, a significant portion of the population lacks access to basic eye care services. This leads to untreated

Free Eye Check-Up Camp | Rotary Techno Netralaya
Free Eye Check-Up Camp | Rotary Techno Netralaya

and untreated eye conditions, causing irreversible vision loss and impacting individuals' quality of life. Understanding this pressing need, Rotary Techno Netralaya, a renowned eye care institution, collaborated with UDAAN, a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged, to organize a Free Eye Check-Up Camp in Sovabazar, Kolkata.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations:

The camp provided a range of essential eye care services to the community, including comprehensive eye examinations. Highly skilled ophthalmologists and medical professionals from Rotary Techno Netralaya volunteered their expertise, offering their services to those in need.

The examinations encompassed visual acuity tests, refraction tests, assessment of eye pressure, and examination of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. These thorough examinations enabled early detection of eye conditions and ensured timely intervention, preventing potential vision loss.

Awareness and Education:

Apart from providing free eye examinations, the event also emphasized the importance of eye health and proper eye care practices. Volunteers and medical professionals engaged with the attendees, educating them about common eye conditions, preventive measures, and the significance of regular eye check-ups. Informative pamphlets and brochures were distributed, further reinforcing the message of eye care and encouraging people to prioritize their vision health.

Distribution of Eyeglasses and Medications:

One of the most impactful aspects of the Free Eye Check-Up Camp was the provision of free eyeglasses and medications to those in need. After the comprehensive eye examinations, individuals who required corrective lenses were provided with suitable eyeglasses. The joy and gratitude expressed by the recipients were heartwarming, as many had struggled with blurry vision and were unable to afford proper eyewear. Additionally, individuals diagnosed with various eye conditions were provided with essential medications, ensuring they had access to the necessary treatment.

Community Engagement and Collaboration:

The success of this eye check-up camp can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of Rotary Techno Netralaya, UDAAN, and numerous volunteers who selflessly contributed their time and expertise. The event received overwhelming support from the local community, with many individuals and organizations extending their assistance through sponsorships, donations, and volunteer services. This collective effort demonstrated the power of community engagement and the impact that can be achieved when organizations come together for a common cause.


The Free Eye Check-Up Camp organized by Rotary Techno Netralaya in association with UDAAN at Sovabazar, Kolkata, proved to be a transformative event for the underprivileged population. By providing free eye examinations, eyeglasses, and medications, the camp addressed a critical need and positively impacted the lives of many individuals who were previously unable to access proper eye care.

This initiative not only improved vision health but also spread awareness about the significance of regular eye check-ups and eye care practices. The event serves as a shining example of how collaborative efforts and community engagement can bring about meaningful change.

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